Summer of Surf


                    Summer of surf is a small beach camp in Los Angeles CA that provides the opportunity to spend Summer at the beach and learn how to surf for families who don’t live near the ocean.  Our camp is very unique in that we only have 9 campers at a time, which, for the camper feels less like camp and a lot more like going to the beach with your friends.  We welcome all swimming levels and most of our campers have never surfed before. Since safety is our highest concern we have 3 experienced and certified Counselors, giving us a 3:1 ratio. This is a drastically smaller ratio than most camps, allowing us to give highly individualized attention.  We offer Transportation to and from favorite Beaches from either your home or pick up/drop off locations near by.  We operate from Early June to early September , starting much sooner and closing much later than most camps. Beach goers typically join us for a week at a time, however you may  sign up  for the days or weeks that best suit your family plans.
Our goal is to give an outdoor immersive experience that develops physical skill and awareness  and most importantly, helps develop self esteem. 95% of our campers have pictures of themselves standing up surfing within the first week. However, if surfing doesn’t much interest you, we do plenty of ocean swimming, boogie-boarding, skim-boarding, castle building, frisbee, football, sand soccer, and any other beach activity you can think of.
Summer of Surf also offers a CIT (counselor in training) program for beach goers 14 and up.  This is a great opportunity for your teen to take on some responsibility and develop leadership skills while having fun in the surf.
 There are only 9 seats available in our new van so sign up early to secure your spot!

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