Summer of Surf

The Team

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Jamie is a highly motivated individual with a passion for education and surfing. He received a bachelors degree in interdisciplinary studies, with an emphasis on sustainable design within the community from the University of California, Berkeley. He worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor since he was 16 and was the pool supervisor/ head lifeguard for the Altadena Town and Country Club for several Summers. He has been surfing for 9 years up and down the California coast and has surfed in many locations in the world including the North shore of Hawaii, New Zealand, Bali Indonesia and most recently Chile. In 2013 he worked as a surf instructor in Chile instructing large classes as well as private and semi-private classes with all age groups. He was also a judge for the 2013 Maitencillo Surf Competition in Chile. Jamie has had huge success in his swimming and surf classes because he is dedicated to tailoring lessons to the unique needs of each student. He takes safety very seriously and places the care of each student above all else.

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Minga is an outdoors enthusiast! When she’s not rock-climbing or surfing she’s doing art, which is what she is currently studying at UC Berkeley during the academic year. Minga comes from a family of surfers from her home country of Chile. Her uncle was one of the few to start surfing in the country 20 years ago and created the first
surf-shop in the beach town Maitencillo. Minga grew up surfing and later helped instruct at one of the first surf camps in Chile which was developed by her family. Minga is an incredibly talented, friendly and passionate woman that genuinely enjoys working with children, keeping them safe, and bringing smiles to their faces.

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